An architectural masterpiece, recognized as one of the main attractions in the Kaliningrad region!

2010 year Cask storage Alliance-1892

History of creation

The logic of modernization of the production potential of the Alliance-1892 company raised the issue of radical reconstruction of aging capacities

Updating the place where the most amazing transformations of distillates take place required a creative approach.

2018 year Cask storage Alliance-1892

History of creation

The Russian TOTEMENT|PAPER team managed to combine the utilitarian function with the sacrament of transformation and the deep philosophy of legendary drinks and turn it into an architectural masterpiece

The result of their work is the Brandy Vault Museum, a unique art object and one of the main attractions in the Kaliningrad region.

History of creation

For a young bureau TOTEMENT|PAPER architecture is not a goal and result, but a tool, a way and an aesthetic of the language of communication

Creative Union Levon Hayrapetov and Valeria Preobrazhenskaya began his work with the study of all the components of the project and those symbols that are directly related to the production of brandy.

Levon Airapetov

Valeria Preobrazhenskaya


Starting from the idea that the original material with which brandy production deals is the vine (the most mystical image in Christianity embodying the idea of the Tree of Life) and wine (Divine Blood), the authors came to create an extremely symbolic architectural ensemble

“We proceed from the idea that architecture is only a tool for the design of meanings, the External form of the Internal. One is empty without the other, that is, it is absent here and now. In our practice, we often use the technique of teamwork and the collision of opposites — high and low, heavy and light, deaf and transparent, dynamic and static, female and male, External and Internal — in an attempt to provoke contact, to start a joint game.”

To date, the Alliance-1892 Brandy Museum-storage is one of the few industrial and cultural centers in the world! It has received wide coverage in the specialized international press and has been awarded many prestigious awards

Cask Park

The Brandy Museum-storage is not only an architectural masterpiece, but also a real production facility

A special pride is the impressive cask park, which has more than 3 500 casks made of French and Caucasian oak.

Museum Tours

It has become possible to join the culture of distillate aging without leaving the Kaliningrad region!

Starting from 2019 the Museum hosts regular guided tours for organized groups with a story about the history of brandy, the secrets of distillation and maturation of brandy distillates.

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