About the company

Alliance-1892 is a new generation manufacturing enterprise.


The history of the Alliance-1892 company is inextricably linked with the development of the brandy industry in Russia. For more than 25 years we have been producing these noble drinks

Foundation of the first malt whisky distillate production plant in Russia

«Seven Yards» Black Edition. Updating and expanding the line of the brand of blended whisky «Seven Yards»

Expansion of the line of blended «Scotch Terrier» whisky

Updating and expanding the line of the brand of brandy «Old Kenigsberg»

Production of blended whisky from Scottish distillates under the trademark «Seven Yards»

Production of blended whisky from Scottish distillates under the brand name «Scotch Terrier»

Foundation of the Brandy Museum «Alliance-1892»

Distribution partnership with the company «Abrau-Durso» within the framework of the company «2A»: the foundation of the first malt whisky distillate production plant in Russia

Absolute leadership in the Russian brandy market 2012-2016

Commissioning of a new production and warehouse complex in Chernyakhovsk

The brand «Old Kenigsberg» is an absolute leader in the Russian market

Rebranding of the «Trophy» trademark

Restyling of the leading brand of brandy in Russia «Old Kenigsberg»

Development of the distribution structure, the appearance of the first Regional centers

The beginning of a strategic partnership with the brandy house «Tessendier & Fils»

The foundation of the Alliance — 1892 Distillery in Chernyakhovsk.

















Our values

The discerning taste of our consumers motivates Alliance-1892 to continuously improve the quality of its products. We clearly follow our development philosophy, take a responsible approach to business, relying on the main values of the enterprise:


Continuous technical and technological renewal of production.



Compliance with classical methods of distillate assembly and blending.



The use of many years of experience, knowledge and intuitions of hereditary masters of the blend.



The Alliance-1892 company honors the centuries-old traditions of the production of legendary drinks

  • Well-known classical grape varieties are used in the production of brandy, malted barley and cereals in the production of blended whisky.
  • Traditional distillation methods are used, which are used by modern Scottish and French masters.
  • The distillate for our products is aged in oak barrels in the homeland of the origin of the drink.
  • The final stage of the chain is the blending process, which is organized and controlled at the Alliance—1892 enterprise by eminent French and Scottish craftsmen.


Alliance-1892 continuously invests in the search and implementation of innovative solutions, improving labor productivity, product quality and increasing the scale of production

The production and technical complex of the enterprise complies with the strictest certification standards for: HACCP, ISO 22000, ISO22002.


The total length of the filling lines is more than 160 meters

The total length of conveyor systems is more than 1500 meters

More than 230 units of modern high-tech equipment, including a robotic packaging section, participate in the process of preparing blends and releasing finished products


The Alliance-1892 company is a true master in the production of brandy and whisky! Our products are in steady demand and are highly appreciated among sophisticated connoisseurs of legendary drinks

The Alliance–1892 team are enthusiastic craftsmen, professionals in their field, who daily, investing their soul, build a path to success. The achievements that we have today are the merit of not only hereditary masters of blending, but also professional technologists, engineers, logisticians, marketers and other specialists.

Strategic partnership

A special contribution to the creation of brandy at the Alliance-1892 enterprise is made by the famous cognac house Tessendier & Fils and experienced blend masters in the fourth generation Jerome and Lilian Tessendier.

The distillery Tessendier & Fils has been located in Cognac, France since its foundation in 1880 to the present.

Distillate matures in the century—old cellars of the distillery – the future basis of outstanding cognacs.

Using formal knowledge and values, Jerome and his brother dedicated their lives to this transformation magic.

Jerome Tessendier is the honorary Maître de Chai (Maitre de Chai) of the Alliance Brandy Factory-1892.

That is why our brandy are organoleptic properties closest to the taste and aroma of French cognacs.

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