Alliance-1892 —
the leading producer of brandy and whisky in Russia

Our mission

We create Russian brandy and whisky for people who want to join the classical understanding of the taste and aroma of legendary drinks.

Many years of experience and a close-knit team of professionals have allowed us to achieve high performance in our work, we have something to be proud of:

More 25 years on Russian market

«Scotch Terrier» — the fastest growing Russian whisky

Each  8th bottle of brandy in Russia — is «Old Kenigsberg»

More than 15 million liters of strong alcoholic beverages annually

More than 500 employees all over Russia


VKZ Alliance-1892 carries out its activities on the basis of the use of the most modern production equipment and technological processes of production


Our values:


Continuous technical and technological renewal of production.



Compliance with classical methods of distillate assembly and blending.



The use of many years of experience, knowledge and intuitions of hereditary masters of the blend.



A unique architectural ensemble, the Brandy Museum, has been erected on the territory of the enterprise. As an art object, it was included in the list of the 100 best projects of 2018 according to The International Architecture Award (Chicago Athenaum)

The museum is not only an architectural masterpiece, but also a real production complex, in the depths of which brandy distillates are aged in more than 3.5 thousand barrels of Limousin and Caucasian oak.

The museum is open for excursions and tastings. Its exposition allows you to join the history of the creation of brandy and the secrets of its aging.


Our brandy and whisky are well known and in demand by the domestic consumer. The company's brands are widely represented throughout the Russian Federation.

Old Kenigsberg

Russian brandy with a French soul!

It is created from brandy distillates produced in France in close cooperation with the masters of the blend from the city of Cognac.



Trophy — brandy with the taste of victory!

TROPHY 4 YEAR OLD brandy is an expression of contemporary style, combining fresh fruit notes with an individual flavour profile.


Scotch Terrier

The friendliest whisky!

A real classic blended whisky produced in Russia from Scottish distillates.


Seven Yards

Seven yards from Scotland!

SUPERIOR BLEND is a blend of the best malt and grain wax distillates. The malt distillate content is at least 40%.



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