«7 Yards» – new brand in the category «DELUXE BLEND» on the russian market.

The visual concept of the brand was developed by the London agency «Claessens International» In May 2020, the production of the second own brand of whisky – «7 Yards» – started at the facilities of the Alliance-1892 Distillery. According to the head of the group of companies, this brand will allow the Alliance-1892 Distillery to strengthen its existing positions in the growing whisky category and take a leading place.

As a result of in-depth research, a brand was created that meets all the expectations of the modern consumer, focused on quality at a good price. The unique advantage is based on the organoleptics of the product. For the first time, a Russian brand with Scottish roots enters the territory of the DELUXE BLEND. According to the brand’s Scottish consultants, Alliance-1892 has introduced exceptional rarity whisky to the market, which is a blend of exclusive varieties of Scotch whisky.

The appearance of «7 Yards» whisky was developed jointly with the London agency «Claessens International», which has many years of expertise in creating the design of strong alcohol. The brand looks relevant, but at the same time demonstrates respect for the traditions and centuries-old heritage of whisky production.

«7 Yards» will go on sale in October 2020 and will be presented in large retail chains and in small stores within walking distance.